Castle in Liw

Castle from 1429

About 1429 master Niklos built, for Prince of Warsaw Janusz Starszy, brick castle on an artificial island among the marshes of the river Liwiec, the then border of the duchy. Hold completed by his grandson Boleslaw IV, and expanded by the Duchess Anna Mazowiecka (approx. 1500.).

In the years 1547-1556 the castle belonged to the queen-widow Bona Sforza. In 1656 and 1703 (Great Northern War) gained Swedes and plundered the stronghold, which after the second invasion fell into disrepair. In 1782 the governor Tadeusz Grabianka built as the seat of the county office and land court baroque mansion, which burned down in the mid-nineteenth century.

During World War II, the german governor Ernst Gramss was going to dismantle the ruins of a castle on a brick. This was prevented by a young Polish archaeologist Otto Warpechowski, convincing governor for allegedly Teutonic origins of the castle and leading to the start of its reconstruction. Renovation work interrupted by the Germans in 1944, was completed in 1961.

Dane podstawowe

Location Liw - Węgrów County
Type of monument Castle
Construction period approx. 1429 year
Founder Prince of Warsaw - Janusz I Starszy
Designer master Niklos