Ossoliński Palace in Sterdyń

Baroque palace and park complex

The first recorded owner of the property was Peter Kiszka coat of arms Dąbrowa. After him Sterdyń inherited by his son, Nicholas, to which in 1580 also belonged Ciechanowiec. Sterdyń goods remained in the possession of Kiszkowie to the year 1622.

In 1673, Zbigniew Ossoliński, the next owner of the property, donated it to his son George, ensign of Nursia. Governments of George lasted 15 years and accounted for a period of stabilization in Sterdyń. At that time the palace was completely rebuilt in Baroque style. The last of Ossolińscy family, Stanisław, completed the construction of the church, led to the reconstruction of the palace in the spirit of Classicism and contributed to the new spatial configuration of residence Sterdyń.

In 1809, his daughter Emilia Krasiński married to Joseph Lawrence Krasiński coat of arms Ślepowron. Stanisław Ossoliński ordered the reconstruction of the Sterdyń palace to the Jakub Kubicki known and respected architect. Kubicki, a student of the famous Dominik Merlini, the founder of the Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw, applied in the project many solutions of his master.

Dane podstawowe

Location Sterdyń - Sokołów Podlaski County
Type of monument Palace
Construction period approx. 1446 year

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Pałac Ossolińskich w Sterdyni

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