Otto Warpechowski Monument

Monument dedicated to Otto Warpechowski

Hero, which was dedicated a monument was born on May 5, 1917 in Romania, where his father managed the property. The heroic defender of the castle in Liw, for two years he deceived the Germans, who persuaded the Teutonic origin of the Castle, risking their lives. The occupiers want to use brick from the demolition of the monument for the construction of the Treblinka death camp.

Warpechowski was also an archaeologist, supervisor of monuments and county Sokolowski II Army soldier in the Polish Army. Otto often visited Brzozów, the village located under the Sokolov Podlaski, where she came from his mother, Olimpia Warpechowska, where he also conducted archaeological studies.

In 2015, the 70th anniversary of his death, he suffered Feb. 5, 1945 in the town of Paczuski Duże, near the place where the monument was erected. It was the death accidental, because during a drunken brawl was hit by a bullet from the gun of the Soviet commander. He was buried in a cemetery in Czerwonka Grochowska.

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