Škoda 120


The basic model 120 was produced from April 1978 to July 1983. The longest produced, already from August 1976., Varieties Škoda 120 was the models in trim L (until 1990) and the luxury LS and GLS (until 1987). In October 1982, she appeared LE economical version. The models in the LX variant had the same engines as 120 LS, but had a 5-speed gearbox and rear suspension from the Škoda 130.

In 1983, 120 models underwent some modernization. The completely revised front and rear part of the vehicle, applied new headlights and rear light clusters. A total of 1 070 693 units Skoda 120 in different outfits.

At the turn of the 70s and 80s adapted to participate in rallies Škoda 120 successfully competed in many European rallies of Czech drivers. Among them was, inter alia, of George Sejk on the upgraded Škoda 120 L called - Dakos.


Country Czechoslovakia
Manufacturer AZNP (Škoda)
Body type 4-door sedan
Production years 1976 - 1990
Copies 1 070 693


Engine R4 4-stroke, petrol, 1174 cm3, 52-58 KM
Gearbox 4- and 5-speed manual
Type of drive rear
Fuel tank capacity 37 l
length/width/height 4,2 m / 1,61 m / 1,4 m
Mass 855 - 1290 kg