Škoda 105


Škoda 105 was a poorer version of the Škoda 120, distinguished mainly to weaker motor and modest finish. She performed in three basic variants of equipment: the base S and L and GL luxury. Very interesting is the fact that the basic model 105S does not have to skip, windows in the rear doors, although at that time they were standard equipment on cars in version 4 - and 5 - door.

In 1983, 105 models have undergone a complete renovation. To a large extent, changed the front and rear of the vehicle, applied new headlights and rear light clusters, as well as changed the wheelbase, which translates into better handling Škoda cars.

105 models manufactured after 1983, you can easily distinguish the look of the headlamps. Rectangular, somewhat "hidden" in the dummy lamp models only occurred 105. A total of 840 561 copies Skoda 105 in different outfits.


Country Czechoslovakia
Manufacturer AZNP (Škoda)
Body type 4-door sedan
Production years 1976 - 1988
Copies 840 561


Engine R4 4-stroke, petrol, 1046 cm3, 45 KM
Gearbox 4- and 5-speed manual
Type of drive rear
Fuel tank capacity 38 l
length/width/height 4,2 m / 1,61 m / 1,4 m
Mass 855 - 1290 kg