Škoda 100


Škoda 100 is a car manufactured in factories Škoda Mladá Boleslav in 1969 - 1976. The vehicle was presented officially in August 1969 year. In the years 1969-1977 was founded 819 787 copies.

Model 100 was created based on structural solutions known from Škoda 1000 MB. From its predecessor, it took over a number of components and, above all, the concept of a longitudinally mounted above the rear axle inline OHV engine with a capacity of one liter. On the basis of the Škoda 100 was created model 110 with a more powerful engine.

In 1972, Models 100 and 110 underwent a minor upgrade body, involving the use of blade handles and ventilating the interior by improving mounted in the rear pillar ventilator.


Country Czechoslovakia
Manufacturer Škoda Auto
Body type 4-door sedan
Production years 1969 - 1976
Copies 819 787


Engine R4 OHV 988 cm3, 35 kW
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Type of drive rear
Fuel tank capacity 32 l
length/width/height 4,15 m / 1,62 m / 1,38 m
Mass 805 kg