Tartar Trail

Tourist walking trail in the eastern Poland

Tatar Trail is a series of villages in Podlasie related historically, architecturally and contemporary of the Tatar culture and the Muslim religion. Villages situated on the route, however, are still broadly diversified culturally and religiously. They are inextricably associated also with the history of the Jews and of living in here, even now many Orthodox Christians.

Podlasie Tatar Trail mainly includes lands of Sokółka County. Extends around the picturesque landscape of Sokólskie Hills, Knyszyńska Forest and Nadświsłockie Hills. The central towns of the trail are the Kruszyniany and Bohoniki, but the journey itself in these places provide pleasure watching beautiful nature and interesting towns.

Dane podstawowe

Route Sokółka - Kruszyniany
Distance 57 km
Trail type walking trail