Stork Route

Longest cycling route in Podlaskie

Podlasie Stork Trail was created in 2002 and runs through most valuable in nature terms areas, not only in Poland but also in Europe. It combines the most beautiful places of Podlasie province, including 4 national parks: Białowieża - the oldest Polish national park, a UNESCO World Heritage, a refuge of bison; Narwiański - called Polish Amazonia; Biebrzański - the largest national park in Poland, elk refuge and a paradise for ornithologists, Wigierski - complex of lakes, which is one of the most interesting and precious landscapes of our country.

Podlasie Stork Trail is the longest trail bike labeled at the region of Podlasie, having 412.5 kilometers. Information on tables can learn about the life and habits of the White Stork and learn about places and attractions on the trail.

Dane podstawowe

Route Białowieża - Stańczyki
Distance 412,5 km
Trail type bicycle