Multi-purpose crawler tractor

Original Polish technical security car concept. It's a continuation of the structure of the WZT family. Despite the 40-year-old design still meets the NATO requirements stood before ARV vehicles in its class. It is dedicated for technical protection of the tanks T-55 / T-55A and T-72, but in practice is also used to hedge repairs of PT-91 tanks and Leopards 2A4, located on the state of the Polish Army.

WZT-2 in the Polish Army is the most widely used heavy loader technical security wagon. Regardless of the execution of basic tasks, WZT-2 tractor is an essential element for the tanks crossing water obstacles. Moreover, it can be used as a battlefield observation and command groups, repair and evacuation.


Country Poland
Manufacturer Bumar Gliwice
Vehicle type technical security car
Crew 4 (+3 wounded)


Engine 12-cylinder diesel engine W-55 W with capacity of 38.88 liter, water-cooled, with 591 hp (441 kW)
length/width 6,45 m / 3,27 m
Clearance 0,42 m
Mass 34 t
Speed 50 km/h
Reach 465 km