Command car on UAZ-469B

Command car WD-43 mounted on the car UAZ-469B is equipped in Polish Armed Forces since 1981. It is designed to provide jobs a person function (commander) and phonic covert and non-confidential communications for command armies and manage their measures to combat the subunits and command points of Heads of types of forces at tactical levels of command posts.

The car originally designed for the military, quickly gained recognition in the other uniformed services and even among civilians. Used by Warsaw Pact troops. He participated in virtually every armed conflict after 1970. His performance made him checked out both in the snows of Siberia, and in the desert areas of Africa and Afghanistan.


Country Russia
Manufacturer UAZ in Ulianowsk
Type of vehicle off-road car
Body type 4-door, with a canvas tarp, fetched at metal skeleton
Production years 1972 - 2007, since 2010


Engine Petrol R4 2445 cm3, 70 hp
Gearbox 4-speed manual
Type of drive 4 wheels, with incorporated front axle and reducer
Fuel tank capacity 78 l
Length/Width/Height 402,5 cm / 178,5 cm / 201,5 cm
Weight 1540 - 1630 kg
Number of seats 5 +2

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