Soviet Main Battle Tank

The tank was created by the modernization of T-54. Produced in the years 1958-1981. The main armament is a tank gun D-10T cal. 100 mm stabilized in two planes. Made in the USSR, as well as under license in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Tank T-55 was then one of the best design in their class. In the 80s of the twentieth century it was used by the armed forces of 38 countries.

Withdrawn from the Polish army in 2002. Tank T-55 was also produced in China by Norinco under the name Type 59. The total number of the world's manufactured tanks T-54 / T-55 exceeds 95 000 copies and outnumber all other types of manufactured tanks the world after World War II (as of 20.05.2004).


Country USSR
Vehicle type main battle tank
Crew 4
Production years 1958 - 1981
Copies approx. 37 500


Engine 12-cylinder W-55 diesel power of 580 hp at 2,000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity essential 680 l, additional 280 l
Armor welded from rolled plates, cast tower
length/width/height 9 m / 3,27 m / 2,35 m
Clearance 0,43 m
Mass 36,5 t
Speed 50 km/h
Reach 500 km (road), 290 km (in the field)


1 x cannon 1944 D-10T2G cal. 100 mm (ammunition: 43-45)
2 x machine guns SGMT cal. 7,62 mm
1 x machine gun DSzK cal. 12,7 mm

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