Radar station on the tracked chassis SPG-1M

Radar station N-21 is being used in the Polish Army since the late eighties of the last century. It is the predecessor of the station N-22. Both stations are designed for use by antiaircraft subdivisions, a part of antiaircraft, mechanized and armored divisions. The device was placed on a special tracked vehicle SPG-1M, so, just as tanks and infantry combat vehicles, is able to move in very difficult conditions. Powerful, for an radar station, armor allows the unit to work during combat conditions.


Country Poland
Manufacturer Warszawskie Zakłady Radiowe "RAWAR" w Warszawie
Crew 2 + 2


Engine W46-2S1,V, multifuelled (diesel, kerosene, gasoline) - 710 hp
length/width/height 7,8 m / 3,35 m / 3,2 m
Clearance 0,42 m
Mass 34,5 t
Speed 60 km/h
Reach 100 km
Detection range 30 km
Antenna type parabolic double beam


1 x machine gun cal. 12,7mm

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