Multipurpose helicopter

The helicopter designed by the Soviet design office of Mikhail Mila, and mass-produced only by WSK Świdnik. Mi-2 helicopter was the only former Soviet design ever non-produced in the USSR.

Mi-2 was built in the Soviet Union as the successor of Mi-1. Following discussions between the Polish and the Soviet Union in 1965 began production of helicopters in WSK Świdnik. For 20 years, nearly 5500 machines was developed and produced in many specialized versions in Świdnik. Although originally helicopter is primarily designed for civil use in the WSK Świdnik also developed its military options. They were sent mainly to the Polish People's Army. Despite the outdated design Mi-2 helicopters are used in many countries to date (2014). There have also been a lot of modernization (including Mi-2 plus and Mi-2A), most based on the engine exchange.


Country USSR, Poland
Manufacturer WSK Świdnik
Vehicle type multipurpose helicopter
Crew 1 (number of seats - 8)
Structure metal; fixed landing gear
Copies approx. 5 500


Engine 2× GTD-350 or 2× GTD-350W
Power 2× 400 hp (GTD-350) or 2× 425 hp (GTD-350W)
Diameter of the rotor 14,5 m
length/width/height 17,42 m / 3,25 m / 3,75 m
Mass 2375 kg
Fuel tank capacity 600 l
Speed 210 km/h
Vertical reach 4000 m
Reach approx. 270 km, approx. 600 km (with additional tanks)